Kuroda Bikyo is an aggressive Onmyoji, a yin and yang master type of psychic, commonly known as Shinbutsushi, someone who specializes in cleansing intense spirits, eliminating Yokai (monstrous being) and evicting demons where world-renowned psychics and spiritual counselors would give up.

Shinbutsushi is a human being who was sent to this world as a messenger of the gods and Buddha. Prior to birth, Shinbutsushi made a vow before the gods and Buddha to provide relief to all people.

He dispels more than 30,000 unclean living and dead spirits a year, getting rid of such unwanted entities at a fast rate of 40 per minute.
Gifted with a special constitution, he is immune from bad influence of spirits, monster beings and demons and can practice spiritual dispelling and monster eliminating remotely, even on the other side of the earth, Kuroda Bikyo who reincarnates, chose Japan as his destination in this world. On the one hand Japan is a wonderful country, but on the other hand Japan has a high suicide rate, many people who are suffering and many dead spirits unable to rest in peace. His mission is to provide relief to souls and bodies who are suffering all over the world.

In order to increase the number of people whose mission it is to help other people and the earth, he travels all over the country and works hard to find and train psychics. He transfers the spiritual power and knowledge he received from the gods and Bhudda for free to people who are accepted by the guardian god and Buddha. The number of his students is still increasing.