Shinbutsushi is a human being who was sent in the earth as messenger of the gods and Buddha.

JINGUUJI BIKYO who keeps being reincarnated chose Japan in this world. On the one hand Japan is a wonderful country, but on the other hand Japan has a high suicide rate, many people who are suffering and many dead spirits which cannot rest in peace. He is based in Japan, but he gives relief to people all over the world and shines a light on darkness which will never go away.

He is specialized in cleansing spirits, beating Yokai (ghort) and evicting demons. He improves a human condition with abnormalities mentally and physically one after another. His abilities and speed are praised by the other psychics and spiritual counselors

By the power of guardian gods and Buddha, he is engaged in Shinto rituals nationwide. He then revives the gods and Buddha which protect the land and makes a great achievements.

In addition to these abilities, he uses the power of second sights to find out and solve the complicated problems such as eliminating Karma continued from a previous life, a memory of a previous life, a mission for the present world and predicting a situation which may happen in the future, a soul suffering from pain.

He transfers the special ability given by the gods and Buddha for free to people who have the same will. This activity has rapidly spread the whole country and VORTEX, a place where is focused on finding and training psychics, is established in various places. Not only the number of his students, but also the number of instructors is increasing. He continues challenging himself to his own mission as a founder of organization of light. Those “in the know” know that he is one of the most famous psychics and spiritual counselors from Japan.