Kuroda Bikyo is an Onmyoji, a yin and yang master type of psychic who specializes in spiritual cleansing and evicting demons. He can dispel intense and evil spirits where world-renowned psychics and spiritual counselors would give up. The secret is to let spirits or evil enter the body. Having the spirits enter the body normally causes medical problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and cramps. However, the method Kuroda Bikyo uses does not cause negative effects for the body - for two reasons:   he is protected by a strong guardian spirit and he is gifted in divination. He can get rid of a wraith or spirit of a dead person possessing a human, or of the spirit of a dead person floating in space, within a minute. His experience includes dispelling and spiritual cleansing of 60 bodies on one day. Dispel evil spirits via divination can be performed remotely, even on the other side of the world. He learned to communicate with wild animals when he stayed in Africa. He conveys the feelings of animals to humans and helps deepening bonds between people and animals, which brings healing and awareness to owners of pets and their families. He finds out what causes his clients’ suffering and sorrow and his spiritual vision helps them lead better lives.
He has great support from many clients as a leader who gives people hope.